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What is Cultural Intelligence?

Cultural Intelligence or CQ simply put is your ability to relate and work well across cultures.

What I do


CQ Training

Full or Half day sessions for your team or workplace.



Are you from an Eastern or Western culture and not sure how to relate to the 'Other'?  Perhaps I can help.


Enhanced Teams

As Atlantic Canada becomes more diverse, be ahead of the curve with a team that's ready to be successful with diverse clients and colleagues.

About Me

Who is Jeremy McNally

Jeremy began Cultural Intelligence training in 2017 and quickly noticed practical needs that weren't being addressed by conventional Diversity and Inclusion training; too anecdotal or too academic, and not enough answers to 'so what?' questions.

How I know what I know

After more than a decade of cross-cultural interaction and work experience. From parking my car in someone else's spot in a foreign country to learning two foreign languages as an adult, I've learned what I know through hard experience.  I don't want you to have to make the same mistakes in order to be effective with another culture.

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East West Cultural Intelligence

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